Election Day info

vote-displayTuesday November 8th is election day!

 Voting locations are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  You can find locations near you on the Travis County Clerk’s website.  Nearby locations are Hill Country Middle School, Randall’s, Bridgepoint Elementary and Laura’s Library.    If you are in line at 7 p.m., you will be allowed to vote.  The website shows wait times also!

If you need information about candidates, check out the League of Women Voter’s web page.  The WHS library also has a sample ballot available if you’d like to look at one.

Be aware that the Texas voter ID laws are under challenge.  You can bring i.d. like your Texas driver’s license, passport, or Texas i.d. to vote.  However, if you do not have one of those, there are other items you can bring that show proof of address.  Check out votetexas.gov to find out what you can use to show or ask Mrs. Foote in the library for more info.  You do not HAVE to bring your voter registration card but it is helpful.

For valid info throughout the election, use sites like Factcheck.org, CSPAN, NPR, etc.  Remember to verify information you read online in  more than one type of source.  If you see it on Twitter or Facebook, check another neutral website or watch the news to see if it is confirmed for the most accurate info.

As we approach the election, poll information can be found here:
FiveThirtyEight — pollster Nate Silver’s analysis of the polls
RealClearPolitics — summary of the polls and electoral college
New York Times polls — summaries of trends, polls, state polls

And for Tuesday, some helpful sites to use on Election Night:

Interactive Electoral College map — as states are announced, click on them to figure out totals for the night.
Poll Closing Times by state — hover over the map to find the closing times
Poll Closing Times in Eastern Time

Want to Snapchat, FB, or Tweet your way through the election?  Want to see the election from the point of view of drones?  Check out all the ways social media is covering the news on Election Night!

And on Wednesday, the library will host a lunchtime “post-Election” discussion during both lunches in the Mentorship room.  There will be snacks!