NEW! Library E-Books for the iPad or Kindle/Nook!

Ever get annoyed having to buy books for your Kindle or iPad?  The library is here to help!

Check out Overdrive, our new “E-book” checkout service.  Download the Overdrive app to your iPad (or the software to your computer), locate the Westlake High School library in the list of choices, and you are good to go.   (Your student ID number is your library card number.)   The books can then be downloaded to your iPad or Nook or Kindle or ….you get the idea!

Want to see the list of books available so far?  Check out the E-books page!

Need some help getting started?  Check out the tutorials page!

Want to recommend a title?  Email us!

*** Westbank Community Library and Austin Public also offer Overdrive so add them to your iPad as well!