Welcome Back! August is National Wellness Month

Make a small change and impact your health in positive ways. There are numerous ways to make those small changes, too.

  • Increase your water intake.
  • Add more fruits and veggies to your meals.
  • Monitor your sleep and make adjustments for better sleep habits
  • Join a yoga, walking, or aerobics class.
  • Learn to meditate.

These small steps can lead to many more healthy habits in your lifestyle!

Breathe Mtv GIF by INTO ACTION

Ch – ch – ch – changes…

(with thanks to David Bowie). Mrs. Foote has retired after 29 years at Westlake High School, and a wonderful time as the Westlake High School lead librarian for 29 years.  There are lots of great library memories – like Dylan Day, Playdoh Day, Academy Award contests, and working with classes and teachers.  She’s seen the library through a renovation, a new ninth grade center, and then a new main library – and gone from filmstrips and slide shows to iPads and mobile robotics, from a school with 1900 students to almost 3000 students, and so many changes in between.

Her parting advice?  Keep reading, always use “Advanced Search” features in research, seek out diverse voices and viewpoints, remember search sites have biases, and always ask good questions.   Thanks for the good times, Chaps!