NCTE African – American “Read-In” – book recommendations

February is the annual NCTE(National Council of Teachers of English) annual African American Read-In celebration of black authors.  It’s a time to read and reflect on literature with our families and students.  The Eanes ISD Librarians have compiled a brief booklist for some great new recommended titles for families to enjoy and discuss (see below or access the African American Read – In PDF with links).   NCTE also has lists of recommended reading as well.  Enjoy some good books and thought-provoking conversations!

Welcome back to 2020!

Welcome to the “virtual” library!  We are still here to help you! Here are some ways to reach us:

Zoom hours – join us daily on Zoom for our open hours during 8:15-8:45 a.m. and 12:00 – 1:15 p.m.  Anyone is welcome!  Come hang out or ask for specific help.  Ask your teacher for the Zoom code, or email the library staff!

Set up an appointment – Contact us and set up an appointment and we will be happy to meet with you.

Email – Email us for help.  Emails are on our “about us” page!

Call us – You can also contact us by phone during school hours at 512-732-9284.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @ whslibraryrocks too!

Resources about racism: diversity, equity, and inclusion

To keep up with current events, the library pulled together some resources for your reading and listening.  These books and podcasts might be conversation starters or help us deepen our understandings.  There are many resources available, and these are just a start.

Talking to your Kids about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (For parents – podcasts, reading lists for children, teens, and adults, and conversation guides)



Spring break and it’s time for an e-book…(or audiobook…)

The weather is getting warmer which means it is a great time to curl up in the sun with a great read!  The library has added lots of new ebooks and audiobooks for you to our Overdrive and Mackin accounts!

To use Overdrive, download either the Overdrive or the Sora app(Sora is the high school app for Overdrive) and check out our shelf by going to our website here.

ebook titles

Welcome back! Westlake’s 50th anniversary!

Welcome to 2019-2020 school year!  The library has been here since the very beginning, ready to help!  In fact, here’s Westlake’s FIRST librarian, Sarah Widener, helping students with headphones!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, join us on the first day for a Sixties photo booth and check out the photographs around the library celebrating 1969!

Just like then, the library was a place for students to hang out, get help with technology(we had the first reverse screen projector where the bathroom is now), find good books, and get help from librarians.

The technology may have changed, but the library’s goal to serve students (and help teachers) hasn’t changed!

So welcome to 2019!  Have a great year!

Welcome back! 2018-2019!

If you find yourself stressed with a project, a bibliography, needing a quiet place to study, editing a video, using a Green Screen, or more, let us help relieve your stress and help you with your project.  Just ASK for help and we’ll do our best to get you started or find the answer!

Part of a community

Thanks to being part of a community!

Last week, the library set up a letter writing station in the library to support the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

We appreciate you taking the time to send your thoughts and concerns to students in Florida.

Great visit with Susan Dennard!

Thanks to Susan Dennard for the great visit to WHS.  Susan shared her journey from marine biologist studying arctic sharks to young adult author — a path that led from the frozen tundra to Europe and to a writing career.   Susan shared influences on her work, like Avatar and role-playing video games, which are evident in the world building of her new series Witchlands.  She shared her trials getting to a successful book series, her writing habits, and who knew–her favorite animal–the octopus!

We’ll have Susan’s book on sale for the next week, so drop by the library if you would like an autographed copy. Thanks Susan!

Author Susan Dennard February 20th!

Susan Dennard, author of the Witchland series, will be joining us on February 20th!  Her newest book, Sightwitch, just came out a week ago!  Come by the library to get an autographed copy of her book or to purchase a book ahead of time!  Dennard, you may know, is the author of the Something Strange and Deadly series also. She’ll be talking about her book and the writing process.  She treats her writing like a business but that doesn’t stop her from slaying darkspawn on her Xbox.   Check out more about the Witchland series on the website, take a quiz, or check out maps from the book.

She”ll be speaking 2nd period in the NGC Learning Commons to classes, but if you’d like to attend, just let us know!  Find out more about how she went from marine biologist to young adult author!   Her books are available for purchase in the library through Tuesday.