Congratulations, Seniors!

A little “nerd” advice from the library as you move out into the world!

  1.  Don’t forget to read.  The world is wide and long and deep.  Learn more about it.
  2.  Bring your curiosity with you.
  3.  Ask for help when you need it.
  4. Librarians are good at providing help.  So are libraries.  They are safe sanctuaries when you are peaceful and when you are lonely, and when you want to meet people or when you want to be alone.
  5. Be open to learning.   We never stop learning.
  6. Don’t judge yourself for what you don’t know.  Just try to find out.
  7. In college, if you need to know something/anything — don’t forget librarians are there just to help you.
  8. Work with integrity.   Honor the work of others, and honor your own integrity.   It matters.
  9. Find out what is your passion and what makes you tick.  There’s a world of learning around that.
  10. Remember you are loved.  Someone, somewhere loves you.  Not for your success or achievement, but just for who you are – the way you think or talk or smile.  And remember, your Westlake Family loves you.

Congratulations!  Whether your journeys are quiet or large, be the best version of yourself.  Safe travels!